Danielle M. Griggs │ Boston Freelance Writer

Everyone has a story.

Storytelling is quintessentially human. It's in our DNA. Stories are how we get others to see things our way, to feel what we're feeling. 

Want to move or motivate someone? You need to tell them the right story. 

I've spent the last decade helping nonprofits and educational institutions tell stories that bring their missions to life. 

Can I help you tell yours?




Stories come in all shapes and sizes. We can tell them with all kinds of media, across all kinds of channels. Here are just some of the ways I've helped share stories that matter. Let's talk about the best way to tell yours.

Danielle M. Griggs │ Boston freelance writer journalism portfolio


My work has been featured in publications like the Harvard GazetteRadcliffe Magazine, and Coffee + Crumbs, A Practical Wedding, and For Every Mom. Features, profiles, event coverage, narrative essay: they're all ways to tell a good story.

Danielle M. Griggs │ Boston freelance writer copywriting portfolio


From content production that promotes your brand's online presence, to marketing collateral that delivers results, to fundraising communications that drive your mission home, I'll develop copy that tells the best story for your targeted audience.

Danielle M. Griggs │ Boston freelance writer speechwriting portfolio


Sometimes the best way to tell a story is for you tell it yourself. I've helped thought leaders develop their unique, authentic voices so that they can connect and communicate with their constituents.

What's my story?

I've always been a storyteller, whether on stage or page. I was that theater kid who carried a notebook around, scribbling down my ideas anytime I had a spare minute at rehearsal. 

My background in theater has served me well in my career as a marketing and communications writer. I'm always thinking about audience: who am I talking to and what action do I want them to take? And I still enjoy slipping into other voices, the way you would when you're portraying a character, to represent individuals and organizations authentically.

I tell (or read) stories at home, too, to my daughters, Ella and Audrey. We live in Central Massachusetts with my husband and two cats. You can usually find me in my kitchen, where I may or may not be singing loudly by myself.